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The Training on Gender Responsive Leadership and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities was organized by the Tanauan City Person with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) in partnership with the Gender Development (GAD) Technical Working Group (TWG) of Tanauan City and the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) held on June 21–22, 2018 at the Governor Modesto Cultural Hall, Tanauan City, Batangas.

Part of the two-day training is the Orientation on Disability Equality Training (DET) held on the 1st Day of the event. Disability Equality Training (DET) was introduced and facilitated by Ms. Eunice Factor from the National Council on Disability Affairs and DET Philippine Coordinator. The orientation was done through a combination of lecture and participatory learning techniques. Group activities include illustration/video problem analysis and group discussions.

The activity session allowed participants to share their understanding of disability from the perspective of a social model and their approaches to developing solutions for the problems confronted by people with disabilities.

As leaders, they are expected to lead effectively, knowing their duties and responsibilities
so that they have a genuine understanding of the challenges encountered by PWDs, particularly those in their community, and how they can support their fellow people with disabilities.

In the leadership session, facilitator Ms. Factor on persons with disabilities from all walks
of life and how they deal with disabilities and respond to the needs of people with disabilities; Tanauan City’s leaders with disabilities were introduced to the seven habits of influential leaders. These habits were explained by comparing effective leaders’ patterns with ineffective leaders’ practices.

The facilitator stressed the positive and negative leadership traits to emphasize the difference between being a leader and a good leader. As a leader, what matters most is how they will lead their members by motivating them to teach others, not manipulating them.

A review of the common concerns of the disability sector was included in the presentation
to discuss the situation of persons with disabilities, especially in rural communities. It is essential to cover this part of the training so that the participants who are leaders in their barangay will have a common understanding of what disability movements are clamoring for. In DET, part of the presentation stressed the social model of disability from a disability perspective. Four significant barriers, namely:   1. physical environment; 2. policies and regulations; 3. communication;  and  4. attitude barriers, were discussed as these are part of the things that should be resolved for persons with disabilities to have quality lives.
The roles of organizations of Persons with Disabilities were included in the presentation to help and guide the Tanauan Leaders with disabilities in leading their organizations effectively.

As a final word to inspire Tanauan’s leaders with disabilities, the two remarks were shared “Work hard, work smart, and most importantly, work in such a way that you produce results that make a difference.” “Don’t let small thinking, complainers, or self-centered folks undermine your leadership.” Be an advocate of proactive change in their community.

“Training Seminar “Enhancing Leadership and Networking Skills of
Leaders with Disabilities in the Rural Areas of the Philippines”

The capacity development project was conceptualized to enhance the leadership and networking skills of existing and potential leaders with disabilities in Antique Province. The training seminar entitled “Enhancing Leadership and Networking Skills of Leaders with Disabilities in the Rural Areas of the Philippines” was organized and sponsored by Dr. June Ann Rosale De Vera and spearheaded by Ms. Eunice Factor, who is a Disability Equality Training (DET) Trainer – DET Philippine Coordinator and Freelance Disability Consultant, who provided technical support in conducting and facilitating the abovementioned training seminar with the cooperation of Antique Persons with Disability Affairs Office and Antique Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office. The seminar training was held at San Jose, Antique, on March 11, 2017. The Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM) supported this one-day activity.

The objectives of the seminar are (1) to understand the social model of disability better to become influential active leaders in their community; (2) to enhance the capacity of leaders of the Disabled People Organizations/Self-Help Groups (DPOs/SHGs) in leading and developing activities and linkages with potential partners and supporters; and (3) to develop an achievable action plan to motivate and support focal persons to initiate move on establishing Person with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) in their respective towns especially those identified 15 towns which up to do now not have PDAO yet. It also aims to create disability advocacy activities at the barangay/ municipal level.

Participants of this training seminar were composed of twenty-eight (28) leaders with disabilities who are focal persons of PDAO and PWD associations and the local officials working with the disability sector from eighteen (18) towns of Antique province. Antique Province is located in Western Visayas -Region VI. It comprises 18 cities, including San Jose De Buenavista, the area’s capital.

The structure of this training seminar was designed to elevate understanding of the social model concept of the potential leaders and existing leaders with disabilities on leadership and networking. It is essential to escalating their knowledge and skills to initiate innovative sustainable local community disability-related programs/projects/activities and strengthen existing Self-Help Groups/Organizations in their towns. The training methodology facilitated participatory learning with a mix of lectures, interactive group activities, and the formulation of action plans to be implemented in their respective villages.

The one-day training seminar was conducted and facilitated by Ms. Eunice Factor, resource person, DET Philippine Coordinator, Ex-participant of DET TOT Malaysia under JICA Malaysia Project and 2016 Knowledge Co-Creation program (KCCP) entitled “Development of Leadership and Networking of Persons with Disabilities” organized and sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The output of the training was the formulation of participants’ action plans based on the knowledge learned from this training. It was observed that during the sessions, many leaders expressed their willingness to re-echo DET, Peer Counseling, and other disability-related information on leadership and networking; and pursue the implementation of PDAO in their towns, although some of them revealed that some local governments in these towns where there are no existing PDAO Offices have not initiated move yet to support the establishment of PDAO. ”


National Coordinator
Name: Ms. Eunice G.  Factor (CP)
Organisation: Former NHE Project Assistant, NCDA
Tel/Fax: 02-932-3389
E-mail: eunicefactor(at)

DET Facilitators
Name: Mr. Erlito Calambro (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: PWDs Federation of New Lucena
Tel: 0910-6672308

Name: Ms. Ma. Ckeesandra Lyn P. Solinap (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: PWDs Federation of New Lucena
Tel: 0907-6051483

Name: Mr. Paciano Seguva Flamiano (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: PWDs Federation of New Lucena
Tel: 0909 630 8573

Name: Ms. Janine Arriesgado Soliva (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: Iloilo Provincial Federation of Differently-Abled Person
Tel: (33) 329-2905
Fax: (33) 329-2905
E-mail: janine_soliva07(at)

Name: Angelyn Caddiangga Dellosde (Epilepsy)
Organisation: ADP Antique San Jose Chapter
Tel: 7865
Fax: 540 7965
Cell No. 0909 3306636
Email: angeldellosde(at)

Name: Ms. Mary Jane B. Villanueva (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: Differently-Abled Person Federation
Tel: 0928 2006060

Name: Mr. Joseph Rabanes (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: Differently-Abled Person Federation
Tel: 0905 630 9562

Name: Mr. Jose Ver Abragan Arda (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: Haci D Oro
Tel: (88) 857 3561 / (88) 273 7958
Cell: 0918 3598022
E-mail: jver09(at)

Name: Ms. Hazel Dangcal Bual (Deaf)
Organisation: Philippine Federation of the Deaf Inc.
Tel: 0927 4038348
Email: philfedeaf(at)

Name: Mr. Rolando Tilo Fernandez (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA)
Tel: 932 6422, 9515925
Fax: 951 5925 loc 107
Cell: 0920 906 2196
E-mail: rolz54(at)

Name: Mr. Agusto Almar Aure Pantaleon (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: Department of National Defence
Tel: 4216698
Cell: 0921 966 5901/ 0927 533 6044
E-mail: pantymar8816(at)

(12)  Name: Ms. Lalaine Miranda Guanzon (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: Circle of Friends Foundation
Tel: 779-2403
Cell: 0909 684 6291

Name: Mr. John Paredes (Blind)
Organisation: Saint Louie University Inclusive Education
Tel: (074) 309-3973
Cell: 0926 246 9697
Email: johnlparedes(at)

Name: Mr. Melanio Roma Santella Jr. (orthopaedic impairment)
Organisation: National Youth Commission (NYC)
Tel: 781 2372
Fax: 781 2372
Cell: 0920 910 9983
E-mail: santellamelanio(at)

Name: Ms Eunice G. Factor (CP)
Organisation: Former NHE Project Assistant, NCDA
Tel/Fax: 02-932-3389
Cell: 0919-311-0503
E-mail: eunicefactor(at)

Name: Ms. Rosario Rachelle S. Tansiatco (Deaf)
Organisation: Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf, Philippine
Tel: 63+(0) 422 2321440 / 63+(0) 9178459333
Email: rtansiatco(at)

Name: Mr. Antony Senabuen Bangeles (Physical)
Organisation: Persons with Disability Assocation of New Lucena iloilo, Philippine
Tel: 63+(0) 33-396-23-73 / 63+(0) 333962373
Email: mylesus102(at)

Name: Ms. Chona M. Sabo (Physical)
Organisation: Differently-abled Person, Philippine
Tel: 63+(0) 754611 / 63+(0) 9067199039
Email: shynee21_4906(at)

Name: Ms. Grace D. Servas (Wheelchair user)
Organisation: PWD Assoc. of New Lucena, Iloila
Email: pwdanlifed(at)

Name: Ms. Analyn V. Porras (Physical)
Organisation: Assoc. of Disabled Person’s, Iloilo (ADP-I)
Tel: 63 033 329 2905 / 63 0920 380 6140

Name: Mr. Mendoza, Rodolfo Agustin (Orthopedic Disability)
Organisation: Nueva Ecija Association of PWD, PMC
Address: NemCoop Bldg, Maharlika Hi-way, Mayapyap Sur, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Tel: 63044-9103-116303
Email: rodolfo_mendoza06(at) / neapwd_coop(at)

*Email: Replace (at) with @.