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DET Forum, in collaboration with UNESCO and JICA, has conducted DET Facilitators Training (online) for 4 countries (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine) in July – November 2021.

UNESCO’s Programme on DET Facilitators Training

DET in Lebanon

DET Facilitators in Lebanon

Activity 1: A half-day National Disability Equality Training event was implemented by 4 trainers with disabilities to 18 participants at Radisson Blu Hotel

Red Oak organized “The National Disability Equality Training (DET) in Lebanon” on November 5, 2021 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beirut Verdun.

During the half-day training that took place at the Radisson Hotel, the four trainers – Rana Kiwan, Rouba Ghaddar, Ihsan Hatab, and Mohammad Al-Naccash facilitated a participatory discussion among the participants to discover a new perspective on disability, i.e., social model of disability, and develop proactive actions to change their organizations and communities to be more inclusive. Preconceptions of disability, disability discrimination, social exclusion, dealing with persons with disabilities as well as the right terminologies are some of the topics discussed while inviting the 18 participants who come from different backgrounds to think altogether of solutions.

Activity 2: 88 students received awareness raising sessions on Disability

The second Disability Equality Training (DET) targeted the 6th-grade students (EB6) at the Saint Vincent de Paul School (Ecole Saint Vincent de Paul). Introducing the topic of Disability Equality to 11 to 12 years old children prepare children to become potential future civil actors as well as the voice of social inclusiveness. Rouba Ghaddar and Rana Kiwan facilitated the training to a total of 54 children who showed a great level of motivation and interest. At the end of the sessions, the students have already started using proper keywords to describe disability and suggested some social responsibility solutions with a high level of maturity.

The third Disability Equality Training (DET) targeted students at AUL University. The training facilitated by Ihsan Hatab and Mohammad Naccash was attended by 34 participants. Having the training facilitated to these participants with different backgrounds helps them consider disability equality in different university projects as well as in their future professions and jobs, in addition to the role they can play in their personal environment and society. Participating students emphasized the importance of this training and how it affected their behavior and understanding of disability equality.

Activity 3: A social media campaign was launched on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

A social media campaign celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

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DET Facilitators

Name: Mohammad Nabil El Naccache

Name: Rana Kiwan

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Name: Rouba Mohamed Ghaddar

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