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DET Manuals

Kenji Kuno (2012) Doing Disability Equality Training, Kuala Lumpur, MPH Publishing. (DET Manual No. 6)
Cover Doing Disability Equality Training
(download here)
Arabic Version, finalised in January 2016
DET manual 6 Spanish スペイン語版 Haciendo-CID Ver 9 final

Liz Carr, Paul Darke, and Kenji Kuno (2012) Disability Equality Training: Action for Change, Kuala Lumpur, MPH Publishing. (DET Manual No. 5)
DET 5 cover (corrected copy)
(download here)

Kevin McLaughlin and Kenji Kuno (2011) Mempromosi ‘Disability Equality’: Dari Teori kepada Praktikal, Kuala Lumpur, Utusan Publications. (DET Manual No. 4)
Cover Mempromosi Kesamarataan Disabiliti DET Manual No 4
(download here)

Sue Rickell, Yuko Yokotobi and Kenji Kuno (2008) Disability Equality and Inclusion: Making A Difference: DET Resource Book, Kuala Lumpur, Utusan Publications. (DET Manual No. 3)
Cover Disability Equality and Inclusion DET Manual No 3
(download here)

Kevin McLaughlin and Kenji Kuno (2008) Promoting Disability Equality: From Theory into Practice, Kuala Lumpur, Utusan Publications. (DET Manual No. 2)
Cover Promoting Disability Equality DET Manual No 2
(download here)
DET Manual No 2 Spanish

Liz Carr, Paul Darke and Kenji Kuno (2008) Training Them and Us: A Guide to Social Equality for Society, Kuala Lumpur, Utusan Publications. (DET Manual No. 1)
Cover Training Them and Us DET Manual No 1
(download here)

Other DET Manuals

(1) Campbell, J. and K. Gillespie-Sells (1991). Disability Equality Training: Trainers Guide. London. Central Council for Education & Training in Social Work (CCETSW).
( ; search by author name or book title)

(2) Harris, A. and S. Enfield (2003). Disability, Equality and Human Rights: A Training Manual for Development and Humanitarian Organisations. Oxford, Oxfam.
(Includes a chapter on disability and development and various activity examples)

(3) McLaughlin, K. (2003). Towards Inclusion: Arts & Disability Information Booklet. Belfast, Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Followings can be purchased from Disability Equality in Education (

(4) Disability Equality in Education (2001). Course Book: Training for Inclusion & Disability Equality

(5) Rieser, R., M. Chapman, et al. (2002). Inclusion in Early Years: Disability Equality in Education Course Book

(6) Rieser, R. and H. Peasley (2002). Inclusion in Schools Course Book

Training guide on facilitated and participatory learning
Werner, David (1993) Helping Health workers learn, Palo Alto, Healthwrights

DET Related Resources

Daniel Wood Associates (CD-ROM) Disability Equality Training
Interactive learning resource on disability.

Disabling Imagery: A teaching guide to disability and moving image media, British Film Institute (BFI)
(Compilation of moving images of disability and disabled people for disability education)

TALK: A short film which made based on social model of disability
(Can be obtained from Equality and Human Rights Commission [Disability Rights Commission]:
(DRC) –
(Youtube) –

Audrey J. King (1987) “There’s Lint in Your Bellybutton!”, Toronto, Canadian Rehabilitation Council for the Disabled (CRCD)
(Illustrated book for children on disability developed based on the Social Model)

Resources on the Social Model of Disability

Barnes, C. and G. Mercer Exploring the Divide: Illness and Disability. Leeds, The Disability Press.

Barton, L. and M. Oliver (1997). Disability Studies: Past, Present and Future. Leeds The Disability Press.

Colin Barnes & Geof Mercer (1997) Doing Disability Research, Leeds, The Disability Press

Mike Oliver (1990) The Politics of Disablement, London, Macmillan Press
( :search by either author name or title of the book)

Various important articles on disability and the Social Model of Disability can be downloaded from the Disability Archive UK ( -studies/archiveuk)

DET Related Links

Centre for disability studies, University of Leeds

The Disability Archive UK
(This is the most resourceful site on disability. Many books and articles on disability can be downloaded without charge)

Centre on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii,

Society for Disability Studies

Disability Equality in Education
(One of the leading organisations on DET)

Equality and Human Rights Commission (Disability Rights Commission), UK

Date base of DET Trainer, Disability Resource Centre, University of Cambridge

Disability World

Disability History Museum

Disability Social History Project

United Nations’ site on disability

World Bank’s site on disability

The disability-research discussion list, University of Leeds

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Asia Pacific DET Forum

Journals on Disability Studies

The Review of Disability Studies
( : articles can be downloaded without charge)

Disability and Society

Disability Studies Quarterly

Alter: European Journal of Disability Research

Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal
(Articles can be downloaded without charge. Research and reports on disability issues in developing countries)

Disability and Development Related Resources

O’Toole, B. and R. McConkey (1995). Innovations in Developing Countries for People with Disabilities. Lancashire, Lisieux Hall Publications.

Rifkin, S. B. and M. Kangere (2002). What is Participation? CBR: A Participatory Strategy in Africa. S. Hartley. London.

Department for International Development (DFID) (2000). Disability, Poverty and Development. London, DFID

Knowledge & Research Project on Disability, DFID

Articles on DET

French, S. (1992). “Simulation Exercises in Disability Awareness Training: A Critique.” Disability & Society 7(3): 257-266. (or in Beyond Disability: Towards an Enabling Society. G. Hales. London, Sage Publication.)

Kiger, G. (1992). “Disability Simulations: Logical, Methodological and Ethical Issues.” Disability & Society 7(1): 71-78.

Reeve, D. (2000). “Oppression Within the Counselling Room.” Disability & Society 15(4): 669-682.
Steven, W. (2004). “Disability Equality Training: Constructing a Collaborative Model.” Disability & Society 19(7): 703.

Parkinson, G. (2006). “Counsellors’ Attitudes Towards Disability Equality Training (DET).” British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 34(1): 93-105.

IWATA, Naoko (2006) Simulation Exercises in Disability Awareness Training : Reinforce the Limitations of Conventional Individualistic Approaches to Disability, Okinawa International University Journal of culture and society  9(1)  pp,47-68 20060331

Kenji Kuno (2009). Disability Equality Training (DET): Potentials and Challenges in Practice in Developing Countries, Vol. 20, No.1, pp. 41- 51, Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal (

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